Isn’t it good to be silly sometimes.


A good laugh is like the best therapy treatment, don’t you think?

Today without warning I had cause to laugh. I sell stickers on EBAY.

All part of my creating things. I sold some seaside light switch stickers and got the most wonderful feedback today from a professor at Cambridge, who at first I thought must have been on the “tipple”. But he wasn’t he assured me. This is what he wrote…..

“Hello Gillian! My seaside light-switch shticker has just been dlvd. Lovely thanx. So I’ve just ordered three more me darlin’! Top feedback hobviously 😀x”

This made me smile immediately.

He then got in a pickle with his order, so I said (by this time affected by his humour) “Don’t worry me love, I will sorts you out.”

His reply was…..

“Sweet as!💓{YOU~who?}… “Aarrgh,we sails on the noon tide Jim lad. An’ it’s them what are left alive’ll be the unlucky ones!”😉” He was ordering seaside stickers.

This made my day and appealed to my sense of humour so much.

We all have these unexpected moments at some point and they are to be cherished, Humour and silliness should be in abundance in our lives. Please don’t let life get too serious for you!

With love (Me hearty’s)



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