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Hello everyone! Welcome to my new Blog “Soul Expression.” Maybe you are wondering why I called it Soul Expression? Well I have come to a point in my life where I feel a real need to express myself in many ways. I consider myself a spiritual person on a journey through life, trying to live the best life I can live. I also feel that there is room for spirituality in all of us. When I say Spirituality, I do not necessarily mean religion. I don’t belong to any particular religion but I have intuitively always known that there is something much greater than me that has always been present in my life. I have dabbled with religion in the past and I do not regret any of it but I realise it is not for me.  It may of course be for others and as far as I am concerned that is ok.  I have a very open mind and sometimes it could be called a bit quirky, but that’s ok. I have long given up worrying about how I appear to others.

So how do I see my sense of spirituality? Well, quite basically really, I love nature and I love the peace it brings me. I love how sometimes I feel connected to all things in nature. I love how as I get older, I appreciate earth much more than ever. I am 69yrs old by the way. In a lot of ways I am a pragmatist. I have to see it and believe it can work before I take anything into my heart space. I have been a dreamer in life too. I have come to believe that Angels watch over us all the time. I haven’t always had this belief, it sort of crept up on me very gradually through what I can only describe as synchronistic events happening. I talk to angels all the time now. I guess I see my spirituality as something that unfolds gradually and shows itself to me and when I look back over my life it kind of makes sense. It also makes sense that I have fairly recently realised that I am an Empath. I can feel other peoples energy and sometimes it depletes me or boosts me according to what the persons energy is like. I have been able to express my creativity in the last few years too. I love colours and being creative with colours. I hope to share some of my creativity on my blog.

So what is the purpose of my blog? It is to share my thoughts, feelings, desires, my vulnerabilities and all the things we experience in life. But mostly I am hoping that in time other people will read my blog and want to share something of themselves here too.

We are all on a journey and if anything I have written on this page resonates with you, please share it with me and others. This is how we connect in a world that is increasingly moving away from community life and where so many people feel lonely. It does not matter what age you are, we all have something to contribute, whether it is a day that has felt crappy or a wonderful sense of achievement that you want to share, or your experiences of spirituality and life? Whatever! As I said I have a very open mind and I know there are a lot of people out there that have connections to their higher self in many diverse ways. I would love to hear from all of you. I hope that my posts will encourage you to share your hopes and dreams, your achievements, your goals or your creativity and sense of who you are or want to be. After all this is what spirituality is all about.

With love

Gillian x