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My latest designs in my retro collection. I have been going crazy making things for my Zazzle shop. I hope you like them and if you want to look at my shop click on the link above.



I have opened a Zazzle store, where I choose items to showcase my designs. I hope you will take a look. Also it would be nice if you could leave a “like” or comment on my items, if you see something you like. To find these items all you need to do is click on the links below the pictures.  If you look at my shop there is a red heart just below the picture so if you like the item please click on the heart.


Please take a look at my Retro Collection.  

(See below some of the products – click on the link directly above to see all of them.)

Coffee O'Clock Ornament. Christmas Ornament


baby_boy_blue_patterned_tile_tile-rc3bdea27f3a247fc90f198fa7b6ccd41_agtk1_8byvr_1024Baby Tile. 4.25 x 4.25 inches.

little_baby_tile_pink_patterned_tile-rfd2013f49af34276872297a29bfcb555_agtk1_8byvr_324Pink Baby Tile. 4.25 x 4.25 inches

For all my baby designs you can see my collection by clicking this link.

yellow_india_style_cushion_cushion-re782dec8537943d4a2829bf7b80e8fd1_6s39l_8byvr_324India Style Cushion. Yellow

vibrant_india_style_pink_mix_cushion_cushion-reee8303886764fc393c1f068333f43b2_6s30w_8byvr_324India Style Cushion. Pink/Red/Purple

india_vibrant_lime_and_blue_cushion_cushion-r39b73f27ca2048b0b348a0938ce067bc_6s30w_8byvr_324India Style Cushion. Lime Green and blue.

golden_paisley_design_cushion_cushion-r3d0c6d7938334c1aa2ceac275ac68966_6s30w_8byvr_324India Style Cushion. Paisley design.

For all my India Style Cushions click on the link –  

story_book_cushion_cushion-r860b35e301304d5a824a290d55d9f869_6s30w_8byvr_324Art Deco. Story-Book Cushion.