A mind in turmoil.

Mind in turmoil

I am a great believer in dreams representing the unconscious mind. The picture above is an interpretation of a mind in turmoil, where thoughts keep going round and round and darting in all directions, creating worry and confusion.

I have been reminded by a post in another blog, how important it is to quieten the mind through meditation.  I am guilty of getting so caught up in being busy with life that I forget to feed my soul. I have found that I have a need for this every now and then or the results of being busy start to dis-quieten my mind. Last night I woke up a few time from dreams that were all about my inner fears, that usually I keep well hidden.

As a counsellor, I listen to other peoples problems and occasionally forget to care for myself. I have to remind myself every now and then. This post is me reminding myself.

Holidays in the past have been a time for me to feed my soul under a blue sky and warm sun and time where I have listened to myself and connected with nature and silence. This has been very nurturing to me. Taking myself out into nature can be so restorative.

Today I will take time to do a little meditation and allow myself to slow down a little.

With Love


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