The Violet Flame.

violet flame

This is just me writing about my experience when meditating. I see a violet light that looks like a flame, not quite as purple as the picture above depicts  but nevertheless purple. I have only just realised what this is.

The picture above is closest to the image that I started to see when meditating. I am openly admitting that I do not meditate as much as I should. When I first started to meditate it was because in some form or another I found I kept being reminded to meditate. I had read that if we can master meditation we could experience our higher self and access a kind of bliss. Now I have to say that my human self has always been a bit skeptical and a long time ago I experienced anxiety, where thoughts would keep going round and around in my head. I just could not see how I could meditate in that kind of state. All I wanted was some peace and quiet. I soon learned that it is best to meditate when not in a high anxiety state, but more at times when I could concentrate more. Putting my focus on a three syllable word or on my breathing and keep bring my focus back to this every time my mind wandered.

Now I am an impatient person or at least I was, wondering when I would have some higher experience. The more I wanted it the less I could get there. Then one day I was feeling quite peaceful and I started with my inner vision to focus on the place where the third Eye is supposed to be situated. (up towards the forehead) My eyes were closed. I started to see bursts of light, violet light. It came in bursts and would fade and then come back in a burst and then fade again. It went on like that. At first it did not last very long. My focus, and it was not hard to focus on this was on the violet light, which I now realise was like a flame. At the time I did not realise why I was seeing this. I just knew it was pleasant to focus on.

All is revealed as and when it should be and today someone sent me an Archangel Michael message about the Violet flame here Violet flame a channelling of AA Michael. I find this particularly strange because I have always felt I could communicate to AA Michael. Not the way some people do through trance, but just by talking to him. He has revealed himself to me in a few ways. (Not physically) This link has helped me understand more about what the violet flame means. I now feel I understand the importance of meditating more. Please listen to what he has to say if you wish. Just click on the link.

Much love


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