Time is a human concept. Spiritually there is no time. Maybe one day I will remember and understand that everything that occurs in human time and our concept of it, is not in the past or future, it is in the now. These days it seems easier to understand that time exists only in the now. When days are getting shorter in our existence, the best way of existing in this human plain is now. That is how I have learned to deal with aging.

Here is an excerpt I found that aptly describes time:-

Time is so important because we only have X amount, where X equals moments in existence. You really can’t stretch it much further than what our physical bodies were designed to handle (this does vary slightly based on genetics), but I would say more than a raw number, how you spend those moments (whatever you most intimately enjoy doing) make up the purpose and function of that time. Looking back on life with regret is only a waste of time if you didn’t learn and grow from those experiences, and I do not believe you are ever wasting time if you are learning, growing and broadening your understanding of yourself, your interests and humanity itself.

Who you surround yourself with and what you do during the X amount of moments on earth speaks volumes for what exactly you represent, and even if you think or speak a certain way, how you spend your time will almost always reflect your true persona. People spend a great deal of time simply thinking about ways they can change their lives, and how “next year of my life” will be better – but this isn’t true, and is an unfortunate squandering of time. Your life will never change and you won’t all of a sudden start accomplishing your goals – unless of course you make a change right now, at this moment in time. Simply thinking about making a change will almost always result in no change.

Now is a powerful word, something many people have a hard time grasping. Everyone wants to make changes to their lives, but I’ve discovered that only those who act decisively and have the self-control to put something into action at will are the most successful human beings, and able to alter the course of their lives. We should all freely be enjoying our time while also respecting it, and using our time to mold ourselves like clay into an ideal self-image of what we want to be. This should be one of our most treasured goals in life, and I think we should all be using our time in this manner.

To add to this I would also like to say that, whatever we use our time for or whatever we get caught up in in everyday living (and we can get caught up in a lot at times) At the end of our time what do you think we will appreciate the most? For me it is becoming more and more evident that people have meant the most to me and still do.

Much Love.


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