Life is crazy at times. I can get caught up in what I think life should be, could be, would have been if….   Sometimes I find my thoughts going wild about life, my life and how it should be. But life is what it is. I find myself censoring, judging, expecting, berating, wishing many times. Then my thoughts can move to how I am “supposed” to be at times, some kind of perfect version of myself? As a human beings, I believe we are flawed and oh how I see this in me sometimes. But you know what? The older I get the more I realise that it is ok to be who I am with all my flaws, idiosyncrasies, occasional crazy thoughts, because that is what makes me, ME.

Being human means being a myriad of so many wonderful and crazy things. It means to be unique. It means diversity, difference, change and so much more….

From a higher perspective I can accept all that I am and be ok with it and even laugh at it occasionally. It really is ok!


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