My Latest Creations.

I have been busy creating recently for my Ebay shop.

I make Light Switch Stickers to decorate them and recently I decided to make A4 Collages or pictures. In a Previous post I have shown you some Art Deco Pictures I created in my post I feel amazing!  well I have created some more collages.

3 Pretty Vintage collages

I just love the pictures of Art Deco Cottages, so I decided to add my own flair to these pictures. I love the results. They look so vintage. I added a Cupcake Collage as well. I make them on Vinyl Paper.

I have also done some BIBA collages. I remember this Era 60’s and 70s. This was the era I grew up in. They seem quite popular now as well.

3 BIBA Collages

and last but not least, I had a go at creating these Abstract Retro Collages.

3 Abstract Retro A4 size

I have added all of these to my EBAY shop. I will add them to my shop here at some point too.

Lots of love






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