It’s hot hot hot

If you live in the UK, you will know that it has been very hot this last couple of weeks. Up to 32%.

Well this morning while it was cooler I sat in my garden here in Woking, Surrey drinking my coffee and for the first time in ages really appreciated my garden. My husband who is now retired, used to be a gardener. When you look at our garden you can see it is quite minimalist. It would be nice to have more flowers I think and maybe this is something we can work at together. When it came to our garden I guess my husband thought “I garden peoples gardens all the time, why bother with ours.” He keeps the grass down but that is about it. However, I do appreciate having a garden, even if there is a dual carriage way road at the end of it. The trees and wall coverings at the end muffle some of the noise.

It’s lovely how early in the morning you hear all the birds calling and flying around. We even get foxes coming into our garden, especially in the colder months because we put food down for them and it’s always gone in the morning.

garden 0041

I have added a couple of things to our garden in the hopes of making a haven of peace for us. As you can see in this next picture I have added a rose bush and a couple of Buddha’s. Also a lovely Garden Swing seater with canopy.

garden 0012

We have buried 5 cats in this garden. We have loved them all and seen them over to the other side. Each time it has been heart breaking but I guess that is all part of having pets. I miss them all because they all had their own individual personalities and were my babies. None more so than our cat Jasper who we had from a tiny kitten. I miss Jasper very much as he was my cat. By “my cat” I mean he attached himself to me. He was also very fond of my husband too. He appeared to my husband not long after he passed. By our bed on top of the cupboard unit next to the bed, just looking at him. I guess he just wanted to let us know he was ok.



Have a great day!

With love,

Gillian x



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