Free Journal Download

Here are some journal papers that I made a while ago. All you need to do to download them is “copy and paste” or click on and “Save” to your computer. You can then print to an A4 size on your printer. I created 2 pages at a time so that they can be folded and also positioned to make a journal. You can print them as many times as you like to add more to your journal. It is best to print them on thick paper or card. Use your imagination to add glitter, pockets, cards and much more…..

First page (including Journal front and back picture.)

Pretty Flower Journal front and Back page

Second Page.

Pretty Flower Journal 2

Third Page.

Pretty flower Journal 3

Fourth Page.

Pretty Flower Journal 4

Last Page.

Pretty flower journal 5

Remember you can print these out as many times as you wish to bulk up your Journal.

Happy Journaling!

Gillian x








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