Creating things I love.

Paris papers

Paris Papers and Journal Cover_edited-1

I feel that creating anything should make your heart sing. I loved creating the above papers and seeing the results of my imagination. Part of being a spiritual person for me is creating. Think about it! It is a soul expression yes? When I think of the depth of feeling we experience as humans, creativity is up there with what is known as “Peak experiences.”  What is a peak experience? It is when you feel connected. Abraham Maslow said this about Peak Experiences.  “Peak Experiences. Self-actualisers are the most likely people to have a peak experience, which Maslow saw as an experience that takes a person out of themselves and makes them feel eternal and in touch with God. They feel part of the infinite.”

Ever since my children bought me Photoshop I have loved creating beautiful papers which I used to sell on ETSY. I no longer have a shop on ETSY. ETSY is a US site and although my papers got to be seen in America as well as at home, the US are now adding tax to anything that they make and this affects fees and I didn’t feel it was worth it financially for me. The picture above are papers I created for Journaling. Journaling is a great way of putting your thoughts and feelings down on paper. If you like journaling then why not have a beautiful journal. The papers I made are about creating your own Journal. I have added some journal papers to download in my next post. All you have to do is save them to your PC and print on A4 card or paper.

Art Deco

6 ART dECO a4 STICKERS_edited-1

I love Art Deco and creating anything Art Deco. It seems that people at the moment love to decorate their homes in Art Deco style. The pictures you see here I created using images that are copyright free and arranging them with patterns in the Art Deco style to make A4 size pictures. There is something so decadent and flamboyant about this era. (1920’s) It’s been an education for me delving into this era and seeing just how this style must have affected the way of living at that time. It was very glamourous and daring when you consider that before this period was the end of the Victorian era which was quite puritanical. I find it very interesting to see how ideas change and how people rebel in such a hedonistic way.

As I am 69yrs old and now a pensioner with just a state pension, I have to think of ways of making a little extra money and so I use my creativity to make a little money for me. I sell my creations now on EBAY, including these art deco pictures at so if you are interested please take a look.

What about you?

What do you love to do? What makes your heart sing? It may not be the same as me but something very different. I would love to know. Please share with me or leave a comment. We are all different and love different things and I love the diversity of this. There are so many things in life that can give our life meaning and a sense of fulfilment. I realise that we don’t always feel so enthusiastic but I hope this post has given you more of a sense of wanting to create and share your creations with me. Perhaps you love to sew or make jewellery or revamp furniture. Or perhaps you just love being with your children or grandchildren. All is welcome here!

Much love,

Gillian x





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