What inspires you?

I love it when I get a moment of inspiration. You know? Those times when something makes you feel greater than you feel you are. I am not the worlds best person when it comes to expression, which sometimes bugs me because I would love to express myself they way that some can. Anyway, I was just driving to my local village and the weather here is sort of wet, cold and dreary and it reminded me of those days when I used to have to walk to school, which took me around 20 – 30 minutes. I hate this sort of weather. It also reminded me of how cosy it felt when I had the occasional day off school if I was ill. How nice it was to be somewhere out of the cold.

I did my shopping and got back in my car and the radio was playing this song from the Greatest Showman called “This is me.” I have put this DVD on my Christmas list.

Well, I listened and whenever I hear this song, it raises my soul and my belief in myself. It makes me feel like a warrior woman. It inspires me. Thank God for all those people that can create these types of songs and musicals. Why not take a listen to the excerpt below from “The Greatest Showman and be inspired like me.

Much love



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