Kindness Inspires Kindness


I have had Kindness on my mind just lately. I receive a daily online Angel Card reading most days, and I can see how they can apply to me sometimes.

I have been thinking about how Families and Friends can hold grudges against each other at times. Perhaps they have done something to make us feel angry. Isn’t it strange how we hold onto that anger and sometimes for years. I have often heard people say that they do not speak to a certain member of the family and haven’t done for years. What a shame!

Well now I find myself being reminded that in my humanness I can hold grudges too. Some years ago I lost my Mother and Father, within a few years of each other. In 2008 my Mother Died.  My sister, my brother and myself dealt with the funeral and sorting out my Mothers home. All three of us got together and it made me feel closer to them. It seems we only really get together when something major happens. Anyone who has lost both parents will know that we can feel like orphans at the loss. I did for sometime, but I am pleased to say that I do not now.

My Brother sort of went into himself and now I hardly ever see him, even though I have invited him to come over several times.  He doesn’t live that far away. My sister (about a year after my Mothers death) became a Jehovah Witness. At first I couldn’t accept this and felt like I had lost my sister too. I eventually told her how I felt and after a period of settling down we still saw each other quite regularly. I realised that my sister needed something to stop her feeling so alone. (She is not married and does not have children.) I accepted that this is what she wanted.

To get to the point, recently my sister has not got in touch with me very much and I have been feeling angry with her, not because she goes to the church but because it seems to have become her family now. Aren’t families complicated sometimes. I am a spiritual person and do have a faith, but not in any organized religion. However I wish that my brother and sister felt differently. Family has always been important to me and I have my own little family now, thank goodness.

Getting back to Kindness, one angel message I read a couple of days ago made me realise that I need to let go of anger and hold love and kindness in my heart. Love is not necessarily what we get, as what we give. If we hold love and kindness in our hearts for everyone it will make us a lot happier. So now I am going to practice this more and have an attitude of abundance and love through kindness. What we give comes back to us right? Kindness Inspires Kindness!

I hope this has made you think twice about what you hold in your heart.

With Love and Kindness,


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