A unique idea to cheer the elderly.


When I think about my Mother when she was elderly, she couldn’t get out much and I would hate this to happen to me. At 69yrs of age, I have had a wake up call about my health and mobility and I am addressing this now. I have long needed to lose weight, so I have found a diet that works for me and so far I have lost 11lbs. I need to lose more. I am really trying to focus on becoming more healthy. I have also ordered some Collagen powder to add to my drinks or food. Apparently this helps with skin, nails, teeth and bones.

However, I know that many older people are immobile and cannot get out of their homes much. So when I looked at this video I thought “What a great idea.” Also what a pleasure it is for people too.

It makes me hopeful to see a video like this. It would be nice if more young people were to be so considerate of the elderly.

My husband and I went out to see “Les Miserables” in London some time ago. It was a fabulous show and when we came out of the theatre there were lots of rickshaws outside and we decided to take a ride back to the train station in a rickshaw. It was a warm night and we found the experience exhilarating, especially at night as we were crossing London Bridge and could see all the lights adorning London buildings. Actually it was very romantic.   Perhaps not so romantic for elderly people (although it may be.) but what a lovely experience.

With love,


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