How to make your own Journal.

Journal picture

Here is a quick and easy way to make a Journal or scrapbook. I love this video! Journaling can be an effective way of writing your feelings down on paper. Not only that but adding quotes or letters, personal memories and photos. I have talked about Awareness in my previous post and I think a journal is just great at helping you do this.

A scrapbook is just as easy to make and you could make your scrapbook with a theme. If you like Vintage, Retro, Victorian, or Modern, Steam Punk, these are just some themes you could make a scrapbook or journal with. You can add pockets for cards or letters or even photos. You can cut out shapes for a 3D effect. Glitter and buttons or beads, whatever you could imagine.

I will be selling Journal and scrapbook papers in my shop for you to buy soon. Some will come printed on card and some on quality paper.

Have fun!

Gillian x

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